Sunday, January 20, 2008

CAIR optimistic in Indiana, second muslim congressman

Filling a seat left vacant by his grandmother, former rapper "Juggernaut" got the party's nod Saturday in a special election. Julia Carson served as representative for the 7th congressional district from 1996 until her death on December 15.

Andre Carson had this to say after caucus goers made their voices heard, "I'm an Indy 500 Hoosier. I'm a Covered Bridge Festival Hoosier. I'm a Black Expo Hoosier. I'm a Muslim Hoosier. But I am an American, and I love America,"

Well let's hope so. The giddiness CAIR is showing doesn't give me much hope.

The seat is Carson's to lose. Many of those he defeated plan to oppose him in the May primary. Marshall Middle School Principal Jeffery White, who received 8 caucus votes, said no one should be anointed to run for office. "It's becoming a mockery of democracy around here".

We'll have to keep an eye on the Hoosier State primary, and hope CAIR is woefully disappointed.


Dinah Lord said...

Oh dear Lord, "Juggernaut"???

The mind reels...

Please keep us posted on this one, YHIH.

(Does anyone want to take bets as to whether or not "Rep Juggernaut" uses the Koran to be sworn in on? Feh.)

janice said...

Just like Ellison.

However, I hope the juggernaut reads what Jefferson had to say about islam before he uses that "historic" koran.

Funny how the MSM missed something as important as Jeffersons warning regarding muslims, in that same koran, while they touted Ellison's historic use of the "Jefferson koran" hummmm.