Friday, May 18, 2007

UCI muslims students fear FBI monitoring; CAIR to the rescue

Yes, I believe we should have the FBI watching the MSU on all American campuses .

The southern California CAIR chapter received dozens of calls from UC Irvine MSU (muslim student union) and their parents Thursday citing "extreme concern about the safety and privacy of their students on campus." Questioning the actions of the FBI at UCI. During the dismantling of a mock wall, representing the barrier built by Israel to protect herself from the religion of peace, a confrontation ensued between one of the trouble makers students and a suspected FBI agent. Here again we have a muslim victim "fearing" for their life. After the student demanded the person in the car identify themselves, they started "revving its engine to look as intimidating as possible" fearing the car may hit the wall. Eventually, the car roared off and that should have been the end of the story. However, the incident (as viewed by victims everywhere) needs to be investigated and justice brought to the victims.

The wine-o-gram was all to happy to give the benefit of doubt to the students and have planted a seed of suspicion against the governmental agency. (I wonder if they see black helicopters too)

In the same email, CAIR included an article regarding concerns over the FBI's "active" recruitment of muslim informants from their community. Mosque visits and other "snooping" only serve to alienate those who hold valuable information, claims the ummah. Strong arm tactics, the carrot and stick method and bribes are often used by agents. "They tell (immigrants): 'If you will help us, we will help you get the green card." Muslims are claiming their refusal is causing delays in citizenship applications, airport detentions along with the alleged random security searches.

So, let me get this straight. They want and demand all the fruits and benefits this country has to offer. Education, employment and freedom to worship as they please. But when it comes time to protect this nation (insert cricket sound here) they're silent and are encouraged to be uncooperative with authorities regarding their own.

During WWII, we had a corp of Japanese Americans who stepped up to the plate and fought, the Empire of the Rising Sun, out of patriotism and love of country. Where's the arab-American corp of fighting elite willing to put this nation first?


Malott said...

Geez, I [hope] to goodness the FBI is watching them.

Once again I get the feeling that Muslims do not come to America to become Americans. They come to infiltrate, subvert, and to colonize.

What suckers we are to put up with their arrogance.

SkyePuppy said...

How would the Muslims know if their citizenship applications are being delayed because of their refusal to cooperate with authorities? EVERYBODY'S application is delayed for years and years.

And just FYI, the OC Register, which reported the incident, is the least liberal newspaper in California. They tend to lean Libertarian or Republican (as do their readers). So they're not as likely to spin their stories into anti-American rants.

janice said...

Then the story is accurate as reported by the OC? The line that worries me is

Muslim student spectator who were helping to disassemble a large wooden representation of the wall that Israelis have built "in occupied Palestine."

Occupied palestine? When was the area ever called palestine before "Arafish" and his minions came on the scene?

Disgusts me to no end! Learn the history of the birth of the nation of Israel, I can't stand ignorance!