Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Too much time on my hands

Get your "piggy" bank before they're outlawed in America.

As you can see, I have a new desk mate in my office. Well, this picture was taken in my kitchen but the "Blog Hog" was returned to his place of prominence on my desk shortly after the photo was snapped. Safe and sound next to my Boca Java Bloggers Fuel mug full of pens. Anyway, I came upon this swine while searching for picture wire in Michael's. They were on sale, of course, so I bought a 3 pack and a smaller version of my desk hog.

How would I adorn my omnivore? Pearls, a silk purse, maybe some lipstick. All great ideas, but how do I make my embellishments stick to this boar? Well, the store clerk said I also had to purchase "special" pig decorating markers so the images would be permanent, (these crafty types take their jobs so seriously).

My unemployment has given me some extra time, you know, to decorate piggy banks. One would think the up keep on my 1820 square foot "palatial estate" would leave me little time for much else. The day to day operations of my side business takes up a couple hours, and I'm reading a book a week. The dog has resumed his daily routine of sleeping all day, it seems the novelty of me being home with him has worn off. So my house is clean and the laundry is done, I guess maintaining my blog on a daily basis could fill my otherwise empty days. But the ache in my shoulders is intense, even with percocet and kadian, if I spend more than a few hours at the keyboard. So until I have the surgery, on both wrists, I have to limit my online time. I cook every day and you can only do so much shopping, being unemployed and all.

What else can fill my day... taps finger on desk? I know, I'll decorate little piggy banks! Yes fellow bloggers, I have too much time on my hands.


Malott said...

I think you should decorate one... And mail it to CAIR.

janice said...

Great idea Chris.

But the thought of me having to defend my actions in court scares me. It's easy to take shots at the muslim civil rights group from my palatial estate in central Ohio. Yes, it's oh so easy, telling a judge why I felt compelled to mail a ceramic piggy bank to a bunch of islamic terrorist, not so much.

SkyePuppy said...

Are ceramic piggies unclean? Or is that just ham sandwiches?

janice said...

I heard they're unclean in the UK. Banks stopped handing them out as promotions a few years ago, due to muslim sensitivity.