Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I've been vindicated, maybe....

For a long time I've been called a racist, an islamophobe and a bigot. Why? Because I believe a bunch of muslims have come to this country and want to murder us. I believe a bunch of muslims, worldwide, subscribe to the tenants of radical islam. Because I love my country and the culture that is Americanism, I've been ridiculed and labeled a xenophobe. I'm not a scholar or worldly, but I can tell the difference between good and evil and I'm not afraid to identify them, it's not all relative.

The Pew Research Center poll finds (depending on who spins it for you) "Troubling" views on suicide bombers, this from the SF Gate, who twisted the numbers to put a happy face on the findings, 78% of American muslims are opposed to the murderous acts. That still leaves 22% (about half a million muslims) who approve (or refused to answer). It should be 100% oppose! That's why we taxpayers fork over a million dollars a bomb, they don't target innocent civilians, they're smart bombs!

The simple answer should be NEVER, is it a positive when someone targets innocent people for murder in search of martyrdom and virgins in paradise. I call that evil, pure and simple.

The 102 page poll was sobering. This isn't a hijacked religion, as terror apologists would have us believe. Since 9/11 we've been fed a steady diet of "beware of the backlash" every time American law enforcement pick up some muslims on a terror indictment. Muslim civil rights groups, the self appointed mouthpieces, refusing to see a problem in the islamic community and blame poverty, lack of education or the Jews for the ills plaguing their image. The mosques and imams, korans and hadiths all preach the same hate as their pan-jihadist brothers and sisters around the world.

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