Monday, May 07, 2007

CAIR is looking for victims

CAIR is looking for a few good “hate crimes” to add to their tally. As I said in my last post, muslim discrimination incidents are lower than those of incidents reported by Jews in this country. And that has the terrorist front civil rights group in a mini panic. If CAIR goes in front of Congress with only a handful of instances, then it lends zero credence to the “islamophobia” claims. So at this point they have to inflate any bigotry accusation that they come across. Letters to the editor reminding the arab world of the injustices being perpetrated in America. One such commentary appeared in the Middle East Times. Ahmed Rehab, Executive Director of the CAIR Chicago Office, wrote "Freedom is not spelled "Feardom'" lamenting the fear muslims feel when criticizing the policies of this administration. In the article, Rehab writes Since 9/11, anti-Muslim hysteria has evolved from a collective knee-jerk reaction to a premeditated and coordinated cottage industry, patronized by an agenda-driven elite seeking political - sometimes financial - gain. In the resulting hostile climate, "suspicion" of Muslims - as opposed to evidence of our wrongdoing - is apparently cause enough to demand that we be stripped of our right to speak freely on our nation's beacon of democracy and pluralism, Capitol Hill.” Rehab completely misstates the case by implying that a “hostile environment” is preventing them from being heard. Rehab does not offer even one single instance where CAIR’s voice was actually shut down on capitol hill.

One new battleground is the public school system. When the Maine AG decided not to prosecute the flying ham steak or deem the incident a hate crime, the search for victims was shifted to Minnesota where CAIR seems to have struck gold. Allegations that muslim students at Westwood Middle School were taunted and CAIR claims their complaint was mishandled by school staff when complaints by the parents were ignored when the "sensitivity" training never happened. The series of alleged anti-muslim incidents began, conveniently enough, on September 11, 2006. It's a good thing the newly created Minnesota chapter was there to protect these victims.

It’s been my observation; CAIR’s entire existence is to enlighten muslims to their oppression in America, perpetuating the victim mentality. Preventing the necessary assimilation previous minorities have achieved.

How do the Amish, orthodox Jews, Jehovah's witness and the Mennonite communities thrive in this country without imposing their culture on the American public? We have yet to attend sensitivity training for any of these groups and yet they seem to find a way to get around the daily obstacles that interfere with their traditions and customs. The muslim community needs to extend the tolerance they so forcefully expect from Americans.

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