Wednesday, May 30, 2007

IBD's Jimmy Carter a Profile in Incompetence

Investor's Business Daily hits back at Jimmy Carter and reminds America of the debacle that was his time in the oval office. A couple weeks ago Carter called this administration the worst in history. The statement in and of itself wasn't so bad, the fact that it was made by Jimmy Carter. The assertion made headlines across the world, even al Jezeera picked up the story.

Carter, who can't seem to keep his pie-hole closed, has critiqued every president who's taken office following what I consider the lowest point in America since the civil war. The affirmation stunned those who could remember the administration with a 21.98% (June 1980) misery index. Talk about "the pot calling the kettle black".

IBD has an exclusive 10-part series looking back on Carter's presidential term. "Installments will cover the economy, foreign policy, human rights, dealing with dictators, fighting Communism and the Democratic leadership in general during times of war". The previous segments (1 thru 6) are available here. In the first installment I read this line and it took me back to 1978. Watching the leader of the free world chastise the people who were suffering under his leadership. My father was a steel worker, I remember him going from 7 to a 3 day work week. Because my parents lived debt free, we were able to eat and make the house payment. Vacations were rare and often were spent at a relatives house out of town. But I digress. IBD writes, "the man whose idea of leadership was to sit in front of a fireplace and blame everything on America's "malaise"." Carter "took a bad economy and made it worse" as outlined in the second installment. But Jimmah has a short memory when he gives his appraisal of other presidents.

The series will jar your memory and take you back to a not so happy time. Four years of blaming the American people for his failures in the White House and spineless finger pointing wrapped around economic mismanagement. Thanks Jimmah, for all the memories.

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