Thursday, May 10, 2007

Disney says hamas mouse is "pure evil"

In my last post I asked if anyone had the "testicular fortitude to call a spade a spade" and I found a perfect example. The last surviving daughter of Walt Disney says the hamas knock-off Mickey Mouse, teaching children in the Gaza Strip and West Bank to kill, is "pure evil."

Diane Disney Miller felt disgusted by a Mickey rip-off being used by hamas to encourage palestinian children to take up arms against Israel and America. “Of course I feel personal about Mickey Mouse, but it could be Barney as well,” Ms Miller, 73, told the New York Daily News.
“It’s not just Mickey, it’s indoctrinating children like this, teaching them to be evil,” said Ms Miller, who owns a winery in northern California.
“The world loves children and this is just going against the grain of humanity.”

I'm sure most of you have heard about this abomination in the media. If you haven't seen the video clips I suggest viewing them at least once, they're quite disturbing. Those liberal, blame America first peace-niks who continue searching for the root cause of worldwide terrorism, still don't get it and retreat into conspiracy theories trying to tie this to the Mossad.

Some people wouldn't recognize evil even if it hacked their head off!


Malott said...

I guess when your religion tells you that it's OK to be a pedophile...
I guess messing with their little minds is not such a big deal.


Anonymous said...

yeah!.whatever rodrigo said goes double for me.

SkyePuppy said...

Let me try translating Rodrigo. I too French. Rodrigo's language is not French.

"Oy! I found your blog through Google and am way interested in this post. When you get a chance, take a look at my blog. It's sober: Personalized camisoles. Most people come by and come by some more, crying out about personalized camisoles with good manners. Eat corn (or is that, "So much more"?).

I'm with Anonymous. Triple for me!

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SkyePuppy said...

Oops! I mean, "I TOOK French."

janice said...

Well, I'm glad rodrigo found my blog and is "way interested" I think.

But at this time I have no need for a "personalized camisoles with good manners" and I had corn yesterday.

Thanks for stoppin' by rod!

Mojo_Risin said...

Before you start complaining about the "liberal media", you should know that both the Daily Show and Colbert Report have reported on this video and showed their disgust (in their own snarky or subtle ways).

So the "liberal media" does recognize this for what it is. My advice is to not see an enemy where they ain't -- there are enough real problems to worry about.