Sunday, June 18, 2006

CAIR condemns marine video

On Monday, CAIR issued for immediate release, a statement condemning the marine video also known as "Hadji girl." I had to do a late night log on to view the video due to high volume. Once the 40 minute download was complete, I have to tell ya, I just don't see what all the fuss is about. Granted, the video could be called crude or an error in judgment but not offensive, or at least I was not offended. It was a parody of "Team America, World Police" nothing to bring about the type of congressional investigation CAIR is calling for in their statement. In a fit of anger and medicated rage, I emailed the Nick Berg beheading to Mr. Ibrahim Hooper to see if a statement would be forth coming from the islamic civil rights group. I gave them the benefit of doubt that the condemnation email had not been issued or was still being proof read. I'll keep you posted if I receive a letter from a CAIR official apologizing for the error, don't hold your breath. The week long "jihad" waged by the communications director against one of our marines is hypocritical. Muslims, armed with a camcorder, have always recorded their handiwork for jihadi training and recruiting websites. This is nothing new for the evil forces we're facing around the globe. From the Cole bombing and IED explosions in Iraq, these masked cowards claim to due "gods will", citing verses from the koran which give us proof they are in fact doing what muslims are called to do. In statements read behind the petrified victim, the holy warriors shout "allah is greatest", and the bloody orgasmic frenzy is filmed for distribution and future viewing. CAIR has been eerily silent on the various snuff films produced in the name of islam.


Anonymous said...

For a "religion" so set on keeping their 7th century "values", their use of modern advances in technology is scary.

Anonymous said...

CAIR will never denounce terrorism. They've given fatahs against the killing of innocent people. Well, that's not denouncing terrorism, OBL and the other murderers within the CAIR organization.

SkyePuppy said...


You're so right. CAIR defines "innocent people" in a way that does not include us infidels.