Monday, June 12, 2006

NSA on trial

CAIR issued today's "whine-o-gram", gleefully announcing the commencement of court proceedings challenging the constitutionality of the NSA wiretapping program. In January, the ACLU, CAIR and several individuals, who said they feared the government was spying on them, filed a 60-page lawsuit seeking to have the warrantless wiretapping program declared unconstitutional. This case is allowed to go forward absent any evidence the individuals were targeted. Despite the fact we've not experienced an attack, the program was part of that success. Now the government, with terrorist watching, has to disclose secret information to the world. The Canadian secret service should be called to testify "snooping works."
Yes, let's give "Ahmed" every benefit of doubt and don't you dare profile or infringe on his civil rights! Have we forgotten who the enemy is here, it's not the US government, it's "Ahmed".

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