Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Soldiers were tortured before murdered

Is anyone surprised? I prayed we could have found these two brave servicemen before the inevitable happened. Be honest, you kinda knew if they weren't rescued their beheaded, tortured bodies would've been found on some street in Iraq. The early reports say the soldiers were tortured and the language in the statement suggested they were beheaded. This "behavior" is typical, we seen if before and we'll see it again. These "holy warriors", the practitioners of the "religion of peace" are evil. Will CAIR call a press conference to condemn this evil deed done in the name of allah and islam? The statement, if one is forthcoming, will be a dialog of the demented condemning the tactics while validating the motives.

I want to know why we are expected to follow a uniform code of military conduct when the enemy we're fighting places zero value on human life? Why are we so freakin' worried if Ahmed down in Gitmo gets a koran, a prayer rug and goat prepared the "muslim" way for his holy days? Focus on the positive, we actually keep our prisoners alive.

Our military is under constant attack for lack of "sensitivity" toward the cultural values sacred to the members of this death cult. What values? When these acts of evil are committed in the name of islam, what principles are being violated, what bounds are transgressed? None! All is done for the glory of allah and following the example of their murderous, rapist, pedophile prophet as per their holy text.

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Anonymous said...

These bastards are just doing what muslims have done for centuries. "Smite at their necks and bind them", these are the words of the holy koran!