Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Wednesday day trip to Ocracoke

It's been a tradition, our Hatteras vacation Wednesday means a day trip to Ocracoke (pronounced O-Kra-Coke) Island. The day starts with a drive to Hatteras landing ferry dock located at the southern most point on Hatteras Island. Access to the island is attainable only by ferry. Once our SUV is loaded on the boat, we settle in for an hour ride across the Hatteras inlet to the Ocracoke ferry dock where we are off loaded and another hour drive begins. The scenery is beautiful, the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Pamlico Sound on the other. Wild horses inhabit the island and can be seen running along the beach.

Ocracoke is the home to Blackbeard's final resting place. Teach's Hole Blackbeard Exhibit is a must see, EVERY year. After a quick tour of the museum and gift shop, you gotta get your picture taken in the cut-out Blackbeard located outside the museum. Then it's on to about 10 other gift and specialty shops conveniently located on the walking loop that is Ocracoke. The entire island can be walked in about 3 hours if you don't stop at any shops. Another favorite stop is Ocracoke Island Hammock Company. Not that we're interested in buying a hammock, rather, located behind the shop is CANDYLAND! Every kind of candy, fudge and soda can be found there. Long forgotten favorites like candy cigarettes, (the real ones with the paper and powered smoke) wax lips, pop rocks, candy lipstick and FREE fudge samples! Again, this place is a must see every year.

With arm loads of souvenirs, we head back to the truck to off load our "booty" and make our way to the Creekside Cafe for a late lunch / early dinner. Located on the upper level of Ocracoke Coffee Company and Island Smoothie, the scene from the open air cafe is fantastic, every seat has a harbor view. Once we all have a full stomach it's off to the famous Ocracoke lighthouse. It's a short walk from the cafe and allows your food to settle before we make the 2 plus hour trek back to the house and the end to another wonderful vacation day full of memories.


Malott said...

You make it sound great.

Is your back better? Did you get the shots so you could go on vacation w/o pain.

My hammock is a "Hatteras Hammock," but I'm not sure where it is actually made.

janice said...

It's the most peaceful, relaxing vacation one can take.
Hatteras Hammock has about 6 locations from Elizabeth City to Ocracoke. The worlds best I'm told.
The shots made little difference, the pain is still present. I had surgery 5 years ago, it helped for a while. I go today for a follow up. Next step, spine fusion I'm afraid. I just need refills before we leave, I'll consider the fusion option upon my return. Please keep me in your prayers.

SkyePuppy said...


I have a friend with three bad discs in her back, so spine fusion isn't an option for her. She just has to live with the pain. So it's good that the doctors think fusion might help you. I'll keep your back (and the rest of you) in prayer.

Any luck yet with the doggie foot-protection?

janice said...

Thank you as well Skye, I just got back from the DR. He said we're going to wait a few months and he increased my meds. I have 2 herniated discs (L3 & L4). I had the lumbar disc displacement surgery in 2001 and at that time I was told I would need the fusion because after the surgery I had bone on bone. So, we'll just wait and see. I'm not real excited about going thru surgery again with a 50/50 chance of relief.
Thanks again for lifting me up in prayer.

janice said...

As far as my search for doggie booties, I have one more store to hit. If not I have tons of hospital socks I'm gonna use so he'll be comfy walking on the hot sand.