Thursday, June 08, 2006

al-Zarqawi is dead

The most wanted terrorist and leader of al-Qaida in Iraq was on the wrong end of an American hellfire missile airstrike and ultimately went to meet allah. Early this morning the Iraqi parliament along with General George Casey confirmed the kill. In a joint statement from Baghdad the sweet words were spoken, "Today Zarqawi is has been killed"
If you see or read media reports today, they may include some of the gruesome deeds perpetrated by this murderous thug. The beheading of American Nick Berg will undoubtedly be among those and knowing how left leaning the MSM is they'll seek a statement from his father. I'm willing to bet this bitter, anti-American father will spin this military victory into a Bush bash.
I'll keep you posted on the details.
This a tremendous victory for America, the new Iraqi government and our coalition forces. Putting an end to one of the deadliest months of the war.
I am not one to celebrate death, but I think I may double my monthly charity donation to the USO care packages and Boca Java coffee for the troops. As I logged on to post this morning an email from SPC Kristine Otero, stationed in Iraq, wrote to thank me and 9 others for the coffee they received. It was really hard to read the last line of the correspondence. It said " I have been in Iraq for fo long that I had began top wonder if anyone remembered we were here. Thank you very much for your support. We need more wonderful caring people in this world."
I left the typos in the quote, just as she wrote it. They have not been forgotten, please join me in letting the brave fighting men and women know we support them and their mission.


Malott said...

I guess there were celebrations in the streets of Bagdad, but the mainstream media wasn't interested in that story... they just had to throw cold water on any good news.

Missed you! Glad you're back.

SkyePuppy said...

Fox News showed footage of Iraqi police dancing in the streets. Beautiful!

Malott said...


I must have missed that. Sorry I did.