Friday, June 23, 2006

The silence is deafening

As America struggles to come to grips with the brutality of an enemy we can't easily identify, two families prepare for a homecoming. A celebration to the sacrifice these young men offered their nation. Details regarding the final days, ugly as they are, have gone largely unreported by media outlets. If you call the one day Bush bashing hiatus a mourning period, it was business as usual with all the usual suspects calling for implementation of the democratic cut and run war strategy. What a way to honor our newly fallen hero's.

Hussam Ayloush, executive director for CAIR in Southern California, wrote an op-ed published by the Anniston Star. Citing statistics from Amnesty International, the Institute of Medicine and left wing professors Ayloush makes a case for closing Gitmo in the wake of 3 terrorist suicides. Depression must have consumed these holy warriors, pushing them to commit the ultimate islamic sin. Describing the "torture" endured by the detainees include shackling prisoners, stripping them, covering them with hoods and blindfolds, using dogs and subjecting detainees to harsh temperatures. What, no twisting of limbs, cigarette burns or emasculating removal of their privates? A stark contrast to the treatment our servicemen received at the hands of their captors. At the end of the day, these jihadis live to see another caribbean sunset.
The entire article is gushing with contempt and self righteous indignation. Closing Gitmo would bring an end to a "dark chapter in our modern history".

Still no word from American "moderate muslims" condemning the evil committed in the name of islam. Not even the usual lip service line, "they don't represent our religion", served up for media consumption, to regurgitate for the public, asking for "tolerance" and warning law enforcement officials of anti-muslim backlash. They think we're weak, and our resolve is waning. This is a fight not only for our nation but all civilization.

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