Thursday, February 02, 2006

My favorite mohammad cartoon

Making an encore appearance, mohammad with his turban bomb.... I love this one. I hope the rage these are causing the arab world continues. I think it just shows the real intolerance of the RoP. To put things in perspective, here's a link to cartoons from the jihadi arab world, check it. I've seen them and I don't have the urge to protest in the streets, set tires on fire or call on our government to pull our ambassadors from the middle east. I do, however, understand these are dangerous, evil and twisted people and think they need to be deprogramed from this death cult called islam. We can not submit and let this continue. The muslim world wants to impose sharia and they will do it by using our freedoms and rights against us. If we allow them to suppress the freedom of the press the balance of our freedoms will begin to fall like dominos. Our tolerance of islamic intolerance will get us killed.


enscho said...

Mis Canella??
Is there a different between your God and the God of the Muslims??
They have although families and there countries.
Enscho fromm Holland living in Germany and visiting Asiƫ and Africa.
Have a nice weekend.

janice said...

Yes there is a difference. My God is real, my faith is real. islam is a death culk stuck in the 7th century. Have a great weekend

Anonymous said...

nah iv said it before, gods a fictional characher

Anonymous said...

From all that I've seen so far, Muslims are worthless sub-human camel fuckers who deserve to be annihilated. I look forward to the US use of nuclear weapons against Iranian targets. It is going to happen, mark my words.

janice said...

I totally agree. Before I see my daughter in a burka and my son with an explosives belt this evil that is islam must be destroyed and the American military will get 'er done! Thanks for the comment