Monday, February 06, 2006

Leading muslim cleric calls for cartoonist execution

This mohammad cartoon jihad is really bringing out the "peace and tolerance" in muslims. Isn't that what muslims tell us, islam means peace? Right. Well this jihadi is calling for the cartoonist to be tried and executed under islamic law. Sounds like it would be a completely fair trial, no? There are consequences for those countries who refuse to put them on trial. The cleric who's calling for this is the radical imam, Omar Bakri Mohammed. He left the United Kingdom in August 2005 after the authorities began investigating him in connection with the London bombings.
I can't really comprehend the scope of this outrage. I see embassies ablaze and wild eyed muslims in the streets around the world and I find it quite amusing. The reaction to such an insignificant issue makes a stark contrast to way Jews and Christians react to "insults" to our faith. After the "Book of Daniel" portrayed my Savior, Jesus Christ, as "beach bum" I didn't find my way to NBC studios, storm the building and set it on fire. Nor did any of my fellow Christians. How about when we were introduce to the Mother of God as a pile of elephant dung? Where were the Christian jihadis? Both these examples were produced as art and protected as freedom of speech. Did I find them both in bad taste and insulting, yes. I also believe in their right to express themselves, whether I agree with them or not. This is the personal price that is paid for our rights and freedoms. I have yet to hear leaders in the muslim community call for restraint and tolerance. Could it be because this behavior is consistent with their doctrine? We need to listen carefully to those who are condemning the tactics while validating the motives.

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