Wednesday, February 15, 2006

CAIR's Incitement Watch: Ann Coulter

Here's the WTF of the day, check it. Today's daily CAIR email informed me of an "incitement watch" over comments made by columnist Ann Coulter. Here's the quote that has CAIR's panties in a bunch,
Warning of the danger of Iran having nuclear weapons, she suggested: "Post-9/11 our philosophy should be, Raghead talks tough? Raghead faces consequences." Now, I don't see the need to send out an "incitement watch" over this statement. I agree with what Ann says and I support her right to say what she thinks. She is a paid journalist, hence, free speech. Well, once I read the carefully "cheery picked" quotes I proceed to click the link which I thought would have sent me to an article explaining the full context of what was said. However, the link provided sent me to the Financial Times where I was treated to MORE pictures of the Abu Ghriab prison "abuse" photos. Now I ask you, where is the incitement coming from, Ann Coulter or CAIR? If a jihadi gets this email and is sent to a picture showing his fellow death cult member in his underwear, do you think he's going to be ready to riot? So much for bringing tolerance to the RoP. Here's the real link to the Ann Coulter piece.

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