Friday, February 03, 2006

Behold, another cartoon of mohammad

Here's my daily contribution to the mohammad "cartoon-gate". I stand in solidarity with the courageous news outlets, that remain strong under the "deadly" pressure, and have chosen to publish the cartoons.
But seriously, the intafada that's been launched is insane. Can anyone provide a reason as to why the outrage is justified? Why are muslims so intolerant? Everyday in the arab world, Jews and Christians are vilified, not only in cartoons but TV as well. Are muslims more deserving of a higher level of respect and sensitivity? Wounded feelings over a silly cartoon don't excuse the pipe bombing of the European Union building in Gaza. Again, this behavior only proves islam is incompatible with tolerance. When the bogus koran flushing scandal surfaced we saw the same murderous behavior. I asked at that time, did Christians call for Arafat's death when palestinians destroyed the tomb of Joseph? Did Buddhist ask for any kind of justice when the taliban blew up the Buddha statues in Afghanistan? Muslims understand the power of the toilet. Lets recall history of when the Jordanians occupied the Mount of Olives. They desecrated the Jewish and Christian graves, took the bones, destroyed the headstones then built latrines. I'm sure it's insulting, however, its just paper with words. The time has come for the world to help bring this primitive culture out of the 7th century and into the 21st century where human life is the true living expression of God, not some printed words on a piece of paper. Why are islamic "feelings" and beliefs beyond contempt and scrutiny? If the world continues to accept the insane behavior of muslims when their beliefs are "insulted" it will only lend credibility to their murderous reactions, thus, beheading infidels and suicide bombers will be justified.


Anonymous said...

Islam is far more supperior then any other religon or belief in this world.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the examples I write about prove that. islam and mohammad (piss be upon him)is a backward belief that stole it's traditions from the Jewish and Christian faiths. Yours is a sick, sorry and twisted cult of death. And Piss be upon you too.