Sunday, February 26, 2006

Calling for worldwide islamic law on the Temple Mount

Here's a chilling admission of what's in store for us infidels. Check it, following this past Fridays sermon, Sheikh Ismail Nawahda preaching to muslim masses on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, raised a call to restore the muslim caliphate or genuine islamic rule. I do suggest reading the whole thing, it's quite telling. It includes setting up "organizations" that look strikingly similar to that tower of righteousness, CAIR. It's very clear what they are up to and we can't continue to ignore this evil called islam. They are not here to live along side us, they are here to dominate us. Wake up America! They're very serious about total world islamic law.

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Malott said...

Hillary Clinton in a burka...

If I was a European I would be very frightened. Mark Steyn says Europe will disintegrate first.

I cannot envision a positive end to all this. I believe moderate muslims are in the majority, but Islam isn't up for a vote.