Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Speed linking.....

Here’s a motoon for your viewing pleasure.

I’m a little busy today and unable to opine on all of these issues. So if you want to be the one in the know around the water cooler, hop on over to these blogs and websites for the skinny.

Fox News; Sailor Traitor Trial Look for the Phoenix mosque connection and CAIR support, you gotta dig though, he was arrested in March 07.

Canada Free Press; North American Army? On Valentines Day, did we miss something?

BBC; Russia Supports Serbia Why isn't the USA doing the same?????

And of course, I ask that you all patronize one another's blogs, good stuff all around....


SkyePuppy said...

On the Serbia/Kosovo question, the countries that are supporting Serbia (Russia, Spain, etc.) are the ones that have a separatist issue of their own. If Russia supports Kosovo, then they'd have to let Chechnya go. If Spain supports Kosovo, they'd have to let the Basque region go. They won't do it, so they can't support Kosovo.

SkyePuppy said...

Oh, I forgot. LOVE the Motoons!

janice said...

Skye, I ask that you read this by Melanie Phillips.


This is why need to be with the Serbs.

SkyePuppy said...

Thanks, Janice, for the Melanie Phillips link. I really haven't followed the Kosovo/Serbia question much.

Besides the war in Afghanistan and Iraq, President Bush's foreign policy hasn't been right on much of anything.