Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"you are the enemy of islam and you must die"

How did this nugget get left out the whine-o-grams?

During an address at the air force academy, a muslim student identified as Omar Khalifa, (a Jordanian from Metro International), threatened one of the speakers. Khalifa spoke in arabic to Kamal Saleem and told him, “you are an enemy of islam and you must die”. Military police are investigating the threat. Right now next to nothing is known about this muslim “student”.

Prior to the event CAIR engaged in an all out campaign to discredit the speaker’s credentials while demanding equal time to “provide a balancing perspective to their hate speech”. The academy shot down any opportunity for the unindicted terror coconspirator to address the cadets informing CAIR that the event was not about religion, but about terrorism.

Even though the MSM covered the CAIR misinformation (and whining) and not the event itself, I’m not surprised this missed the headlines as well.

Walid Shoebat has a great op-ed, The War on X-Terrorists, describing his struggle to legitimize his claims. It's an eye opener.

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