Saturday, February 09, 2008

Could this be the CAIR swan song?

Homeland Security: In a new court filing, federal prosecutors describe the Council on American-Islamic Relations as a supporter of terrorists. So why are Democrats still supporting the organization?

My "separated at birth twin", Dinah Lord, sent me this little nugget that had me doing the happy dance in my anti-jihad bunker. It seems Investor's Business Daily has CAIR's number, and they're giving it out, to our congressmen!

The unindicted terror coconspirator, CAIR, forgot to inform the ummah via the whine-o-gram, that federal prosecutors described CAIR as not just an apologist or sympathizer, but a supporter of terrorists, in papers filed in December. Is CAIR finally going to get their due?

An IBD editorial called out the CAIR “cheerleaders” in our government who bend to the vailed threats levied by the muslim civil rights group. Continued support of CAIR plays right into its hands. Such endorsements are promptly posted on its Web site in an attempt to legitimize itself in the media. It also uses outreach events with the government as a kind of insurance policy against investigation. Until now. Maybe this is the beginning of the end of CAIR.


SkyePuppy said...

Looking good! Let's hope the momentum starts rolling the right way

janice said...

You said it Skye!

The MSM has been very quiet about this. And that's a good thing