Sunday, February 10, 2008


I was doing some website house cleaning when I came across this article from the ADL. It expresses their concern over CAIRs inability to condemn terrorist, terrorist organizations (by name) and the double speak by CAIR officials, who by the way have ties to these terrorist groups.

In a chronology illustrating their support for islamic terrorism and hostility toward Israel, the ADL links CAIR officials to islamic terrorism and the groups they refuse to condemn. It didn’t take the FBI or CIA to reveal this information; the statements come from CAIR officer’s personal blogs, interviews and rallies.

The link between current CAIR officials to early terror front groups, disguised as muslim charities, operating in America is a spider web. I’ve likened it many times to playing the Kevin Bacon Game; they’re 6 degrees (or less) from the terrorists or their front group.

The goal is to manipulate our freedoms, rights and laws against the very government granting them the ability to operate unmolested. Free from public scrutiny, wielding arrogant, unquestioned authority on the muslim plight. This self-appointed mouthpiece has to be exposed for the charlatans they are.

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