Friday, February 22, 2008

Why isn't this getting any air-time?

Does the big "O" have a problem??????

I just listened to an interview with Joseph Farah of WND on the Bill Cummingham show out of Cincinnati. Farah was the first to post his investigative findings, a link to all the legal paperwork and the YouTube video made by Larry Sinclair, the accuser.

After you read the article, you’ll no longer wonder what Obama accomplished during his state tenure. Why is Hillary sittin' on this while she's so far behind in the delegate count and needs to win?

The NYT can report a story with no “there, there”, involving John McCain and a female lobbyist while B. Hussein Obama has some ‘splainin’ to do……. after all the NYT has set the standard for reporting.


Dinah Lord said...

I can't figure this one out either, Janice!

What is up with the Hildabeast?
She is like the Hildakitty these days - making lame (albeit funny) remarks about 'xeroxing' when she has this kind of stuff to work with just makes no sense.

Her campaign has just been so lame. Weird.

janice said...

I know what you mean..... she surely isn't acting
"ClintonTonian" is she, I wonder why?

Can't imagine what B. Hussein has on her that's keeping her from bringing this to the public.....

Should we be worried????