Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Hamas wants apology for Tel Aviv bombing

So much for bridge building in Israel. After the suicide bomber murdered 9 and wounded dozens, PA president Abu Mazen condemned the act. Now we all know this was lip service, an attempt to appear human, and to show the world he has the hamas government under control. Well, today the hamas leaders called on Mahmoud Abbas to apologize for his statement. Surrounded by masked militants, hamas leaders called the condemning an insult to the "martyrs who sacrificed their lives and souls". Quite a press conference spectacle, why aren't these "democratically elected officials" busy creating jobs, educating children, removing the garbage and feeding the refugees they call countrymen.
This is more "blame the victim". They can't fight the planes and tanks so they use their bodies to defend themselves. Poor, pitiful muslims. Time and again Israel has tried to broker peace with these thugs only to see Jews murdered, lives destroyed and the dream of coexisting with the very people who want you exterminated, shattered. Less than a year ago Gaza was evacuated and the IDF withdrawn, not enough. Plans to turn the West Bank over the disfunctional government of the "Palestinian Authority" will bring about a fruitless harvest in the quest for peace. Israel is alone in this fight, a struggle everyday for her very existence. The impotent UN is silent only when the attacks are toward the Jews. Not a word was uttered to rebut the Iranian nutter as he threatens the lives of an entire member nation. Those who call for a "diplomatic resolution" to the conflict really have no solution. When Israel reaches across the table they always wonder if they'll get their hand chopped off. The only solution the muslims want is the destruction of the State of Israel, period. How many more kamikaze muslims will it take to eliminate the Jews?


Malott said...

The press conference was disgusting, but in a way refreshing after so many years of Arafat. At least there's no pretense with these goons. You know where they stand.

You sort of wonder how long Israel will hold back. It may be about time for something massive and decisive. I'm not sure what that would be, but it may be coming.

janice said...

Israel displays such restaint every time one of these murderous thugs make their way thru the check points or the wall, bulldozing the martyrs home just don't seem to be enough. They may be at a tipping point.