Monday, April 10, 2006

Beginning of the end for Michigan?

Today's CAIR email was "swelling with pride" as they announced the appointment of America's first female muslim judge to sit on the 3rd circuit court in Wayne County. We all know Michigan is the home to this nations largest muslim population touting the first city to have 5 daily calls to prayer broadcast from loud speakers atop the mosque minaret. But I digress, Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm made the appointment and we'll just watch and see how things play out in the years to come. Personally, I'm perplexed. On the one hand I believe if islam has any chance of a secular reformation it will be the devout and educated women leading the charge. On the other hand, I go back to the CAIR quotes and the teachings of the koran. Every muslim country proves the incompatibility between islam and democracy. We only need to rewind a couple weeks when an Afghan court nearly executed a man for leaving the faith.
Am I being a chicken little on this issue? Maybe, but you put all these issues together and this great nation will no longer be the land of the free!

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