Wednesday, April 12, 2006

CAIR in the pursuit of "tolerance"

I don't know why I torture myself, I can unsubscribe or simply delete the email, I must be a sadist. As you know I'm on the CAIR email list. Most times I'll pull a nugget from the wealth of information they provide and pontificate. The overwhelming theme this week is tolerance, tolerance for muslims, not of muslims. From hosting a mosque open house to organizing sensitivity training for local law enforcement, CAIR is weaving a "Persian rug" so they can throw it over the elephant in the room.
A car load of muslims are detained at the border after attending a 3 day islamic conference, and CAIR calls on the DOJ to investigate the claims of racial profiling. Muslim family members make false statements to police about their daughters "fender bender" and CAIR is asking why she was arrested if not for their ethnicity. When a 20 year old illegal Moroccan threatens to "blow up" USF, CAIR beat a path to the local papers with this statement "It's just sad that he would be treated as some sort of criminal or terrorist".
What I find sad is the constant guilt trip thrust upon the American public as CAIR and the islamic community embrace the victim status. Insult or assault, CAIR is behind the victim insisting the perp is guilty and the system be dissected and overhauled, never to commit the offence again. Before investigators are called to the crime scene, local catholic and lutheran priests are standing in solidarity with imams calling for an end to the "hate".
If CAIR believes America needs a cultural make-over, why are they opposed to a wall? CAIR and the islamic community must be confused as to the objective of the border barrier, and they're free to leave at any time!


Anonymous said...

how can a group ask for tolerence and not be willing to give it in return. doesn't that seem strange...

janice said...

the tenets of islam is not tolerant. CAIR is in this country not to be equal to other religions, it is here to domionate, period.