Tuesday, April 25, 2006

CAIR vs. Robertson - Part II

My inbox was full, again, upon arriving home from abroad. I was visiting the "great white north" over the weekend and an interesting post is sure to follow detailing my observations, but I digress. Anyway, CAIR informed me of an "incitement watch", which is CAIR code for "make calls and write emails to local officials, involving statements made by Pat Robertson. During his April 24 broadcast, Robertson warned viewers that "we are not listening" to what Islam "says," just as we did not listen to "what Adolf Hitler said in Mein Kampf." He went on to say we are ignoring the threats by "not only the radical Muslims but Islam in general," because "it is not politically correct to believe that any religious group would do what they claim they are going to do."

It sounds like Pat's been reading my blog. I have to applaud the effort put forth by the good reverend. He is willing to speak the truth and take a stand against the evil that is islam.

What I find disingenuous, besides the contact guidelines, is the implication that thousands of "insulted" muslims just happened to be channel surfing and caught the reverend during his islamophobic rant and that these muslims were incensed enough to pen emails and make phone calls expressing their "collective" outrage. Wouldn't the media outlet be more receptive if the feedback was disconnected and non-scripted? I believe if CAIR didn't prompt these "outrage" campaigns their ultimate goal, an islamic United States, could not be achieved.
Take note of the suggestion at the end to be polite and professional. How pathetic....


Malott said...

Missed you.

Maybe Pat missed you, too.

janice said...

Thanks, it's good to be home. So much blogging left undone.