Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Fitness USA caves as CAIR applies pressure

Today CAIR announced Fitness USA will accommodate muslim privacy concerns by providing separate exercise times and areas for women and men. In a statement released this afternoon CAIR Executive Director Dawud Walid had this to say
"We welcome Fitness USA's decision to continue providing a gender privacy accommodation for customers of all faiths"
All faiths, when was the last time you heard CAIR coming out to defend the rights of a Jew or Christian? Apparently it didn't take long for Fitness USA to realize they were no match for the "terrorist" likes of Dawud Walid when they met last week to "discuss" the women's concerns.

Little by little, they are using the threat of a lawsuit to intimidate companies, school districts and local recreation centers to conform to the islamic culture. The last time I checked this was the United States of America, and immigrants assimilate to our culture. If you long for your homeland, use your entrepreneurial spirit and open a restaurant or financial institution.

Italians, Poles, French, Germans and dare I say, Mexicans have yet to form the Council on American Italian, Polish, French, German or Mexican Relations. Okay, I get it now, it's about their religious rights. Why then does CAIR always come out and scream racial discrimination or ethnic profiling?

The more we give the more they'll remake and this country will be unrecognizable.


Christina said...

All I have to say here is that it does not surprise me at all to see Fitness USA (USA, not United States of Muslims, by the way) involved in this.

A few years ago, I had quite the nasty little run-in with that organization, so I can't say I have much respect for them anyhow.

Disturbing, but no longer surprising.

janice said...

It seems muslims are putting themselves in a position where lawsuits can be created.
A co-worker of mine was in a Panera during lunch time. 3 muslim women, in full garb, with 10 children in tow. They took up the entire area surrounding the fireplace and 2 booths for the kids. The kids were spilling pop, dropping food, running around knocking over chairs and hitting each other and not one of the mothers bothered to correct them.
The busboy was thoroughly disgusted as he tried to clean up while they were still there. 2 customers had to get up and move from their booth because food and pop was flying over the backs of the chairs.
My friend was there for 45 minutes and no one said anything to them.

Malott said...

Thanks Janice. (I guess) I hate getting angry this early in the morning.

janice said...

Sorry Chris, I'm just doing my job. Posting those nuggets of news you won't hear about from the MSM.