Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Terrorists are masters of Kevin Bacon game

I panned this nugget http://frontpagemag.com/Articles/ReadArticle.asp?ID=20329 last night and was cross referencing the players involved. The islamic terror spider web, if we begin with this (madrasa) muslim school in FLA, reaches Ohio and the middle east. The synopsis, this school, Islamic academy of Florida, was suspended from receiving state vouchers. The program enables underprivileged students in underachieving schools to receive a private education. Sounds like a great program, I'm all for school vouchers. But the problem is not with so much with the program, rather it's with the covertness that this school operated and continues to operate. The IAF was shut down after it was named in an indictment and tied to PIJ (Palestinian islamic jihad). The former chairman of the IAF was none other than
Sami Al-Arian. That's the biggest name involved, however, it appears others on the schools board and many teachers have ties and have been named in the indictment as well. What's the Ohio connection? Fawaz Damra. Damra and
Al-Arian appeared in many video rallies appealing for funds for terrorist in the middle east. As for the school, it has reopened, of course, under a new name American Youth Academy. The address, books, desks and even the pay phone number inside the school is the same. Read for yourself, and try not to get a headache.

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