Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Screw the caribou

The democratic party in the senate today have filibustered the Patriot Act because ANWR drilling is attached to the bill. The Patriot Act is due to expire on 12/31/05 and we cannot allow the walls to go back up between the intelligence agencies. The military appropriations bill is also attached, so if the sun goes down tonight and the democrat's refuse to let this go to the floor for a vote, it goes without saying they value the lives of polar bears and caribou more than the American people and our fighting men and women. This obstructionist action will get us killed! With the reports today coming out of Chechnya, nerve gas attack on a school. Sound familiar? Remember when the "Black Widow" jihadis held school children hostage in Beslan, Russia last September killing at least 338, half of them children. What do they think has kept us safe thus far? Certainly hasn't been the towering leadership of Harry Reed and John Kerry. Have they been in the loop about the terrorist activities over the last year. Lets recap shall we, sure.
The London subway bombings, Amman Jordan triple homicide bombers, New Deli India triple bombing,
Sharm el-Sheik Egypt triple car bomb and one homicide bomber. Should I go on? We are at war, and the democrazies in the senate had better wake up and look around the world at what's happening out there. When, not if, we experience another attack in America, we got no one to blame but the moonbats on the left, the democratic senators.

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