Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Jerusalem update

Like I said earlier regarding palestinian claims to the Western Wall, muslims are trying to eliminate Jewish history and strengthen claims on the city of Jerusalem. Today the PA second in command states
"No Jerusalem, No Peace" . Ahmed Quriea, know as Abu Ala when he was a member of the PLO, also said they would never give up sovereignty demands for the city. They want Jerusalem for their capital. Don't you need a country first? And didn't Israel turn over Gaza? And what have they done with it? Did they continue utilizing the greenhouses that employed 3000 arabs prior to the transfer and could employ 7000 after? What, you didn't know about this? Yes, a group of American Jews purchased the greenhouses from the Israeli settlers and gave them to the PA. The ungovernable animals looted and burned them. Nice.... Well, in light of the fact that the leader of Hamas was in Tehran meeting with the madman of Iran. What do ya think they were talkin' about, Iranian sports and they're chances to win the World Cup? Not so much! I panned this nugget from a site that monitors arab news and translates it to english so America can know the enemy. Check it!

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