Thursday, December 15, 2005

Egypt's muslim brotherhood Israel is a "cancer"

I just can't believe this, another terrorist group is threatening the security of Israel and the Turtle Bay crime family (United Nations) is silent. We now have the muslim brotherhood checking in with their 2 piasters (Egyptian fractional currency). The "brotha" hood claims Israel is an "alien entity in the region and we expect the demise of this cancer soon". Let me see if I got this straight, we've got this bunch of 7th century, throat slicing, homosexual stoning, meteorite worshiping, adulterer hanging, people, telling the world that Israel is an alien in the region. Now correct me if I'm wrong, didn't mohammed make this religion up in 600 AD? OK, that settles it, the nation of Israel has not right to the land that God gave them 2000 years before the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. Jerusalem is mention over 700 times in the Torah and Holy Bible and nowhere in the koran. What more do you need, the deed signed by God? WTF!
I'll be watching these jihadis closely.

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