Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Google Earth, a new terrorist tool

It appears the newest tool in the jihadi arsenal is Google Earth. The free internet service provides a birds eye view and the latitude and longitude coordinates to anywhere on the globe. Coupled with GPS, the scum bag terrorists are using this new technology to pin point military bases and specific buildings targeted for attacks. Should the US government order Google to shut this site down? I'm not leaning in that direction, yet. However, converting it a user ID and password accessible site could possibly aid in the hunt for jihadis. Then again, the courts would be flooded with lawsuits filed by CAIR claiming the government was "spying" on the muslims again. I can hear the defense attorney now. "Your Honor, my clients Ahmed and Akbar were just trying to locate their childhood home in Baghdad. The fact that US coalition forces build a base there is pure coincidence, honestly."
Well, after further consideration, maybe it should be shut down. The MSM (main stream media) would have a field day and the American public may not have the stomach to withstand a judicial jihad.

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Anonymous said...

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