Friday, December 09, 2005

Friday afternoon rant

I have a huge, piercing pain in the top of my head. The cause you ask? The torture debate. I will come out and admit to you right now, I'm in favor of using torture. What ever it takes to obtain information that will save lives, I'm all for it! Don't paint me a sadist, I can't even watch animal planet. But lets not kid ourselves, as the Washington Post announced to the world, the United States does torture prisoners. Like I said when this story broke, "we all like hot dogs, but nobody wants to know how they're made". I surely hope the CIA is depriving some jihadi of sleep somewhere in the world in an effort to keep us safe from another 9/11.
I heard a caller to a radio show making the point that we (United States) should never torture prisoners, it lowers us to the level of the terrorist. We have the moral high ground and need to prove to the muslims we are a compassionate nation. Abu Ghraib ruined our effort and gave us a black eye. yada yada yada. Let me lay out the reasons we need to use force and torture.
First of all, it works. Let me give an example. A kidnapping in Israel, the driver was captured, tortured and did give up the location of the victim and the perpetrators. The victim was killed in the rescue raid but the intel was correct and the raid yielded details of more attacks on Israel.
As for the US being lowered to the terrorist level, please. We are talking about people who will slice your throat. Did you ever ask yourself where the American POW's are being held? There aren't, any American captured by these evil scum bags have been murdered after being tortured. But the blame America first crowd will have believe our military is torturing all prisoners not to mention innocent civilians. The captives in our care may have suffered some
uncomfortable situations. Exposure to varying temperatures, sleep deprivation, listening to Brittany Spears and a reading of Harry Potter. Even being photographed in the nude in a pile of other naked men is not torture, humiliation absolutely, torture no.
The idea that these captives are entitled to Geneva Convention rights is absurd. First of all they are enemy combatants, not POW's. These evil madmen wear no uniform and they fight for an ideology not a country. Gitmo detainee treatment under US care has yielded healthier, heavier and happy terrorist.
I'm OK with what ever my country needs to do to keep me safe, just don't tell me about it.

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