Thursday, October 15, 2009

A response to jojomellon....

Commenter, jojomellon, left a lengthy remark on my “I survived…..” post. First of all I would like to thank him for taking the time to comment and for his continued patronage to Nuggets of News.

The gracious jojomellon questioned the sincerity of my dilemma, citing passages from the book of Deuteronomy, claiming I “pick and pull only the parts of the bible that you want to follow…” I’m sure, given the time, jojomellon could have listed many more laws in the Old Testament we Christians (and many Jews), no longer follow.

And, if jojomellon is who I think he is, then he knows exactly why we don’t obey these laws. If he doesn’t, then that could only mean one thing, he didn’t pay attention in Theology class. But, for the sake of argument, I’ll suppose jojomellon is truly anonymous and explain the simplicity of my faith. Christ Jesus has fulfilled many of the Mosaic Laws. Those laws that pointed forward to the coming of the Messiah - and once He came, they were no longer needed. The same way we no longer need animal sacrifices by the Temple Priests to atone for our sins.

Does this mean we don’t have to obey ANY of the laws of Moses? Obviously not. Those laws teach us how seriously God regards sin and what it cost Him to make our salvation possible.

Answering the question why I don’t support gay marriage is quite simple. I believe it’s a sin and, if allowed to become main-stream, will cause a greater moral decay.

Thanks again for your comment, jojomellon, and I hope to see you soon.


Jojo Mellon said...

But none of that explains anything. Its just a way of justifying why you only choose to follow the rules you want though. Where in the bible did Jesus say that these laws were no longer in effect? And why, if it's sooooo damaging morally(though theres no evidence to conclude that), did jesus never once mention homosexuality? Seems like a weird thing to omit. Jesus preached a whole lot about lying, cheating, and against the rich(greed, ect), so why are these topics overshadowed by something as harmless as two consenting adults signing a piece of paper that allows them to share benefits? Id spend a whole lot more of my time worrying about those things than gay marriage if I was a true follower of jesus. There are also such a greater number of heterosexual people doing things that lead to 'moral decay' than anything homosexuals are doing, simply by way of sheer numbers, yet we just turn a blind eye to that stuff? Do we seek out constitutional amendments for that stuff? It just seems like a weird witch hunt started by simple homophobia and simply followed by everyone else who is just a blind follower to their religion.

And why, exactly is it a sin? What is the logic behind it?

BTW, I ask none of this out of anger or spite, im not trying to be an A-hole, I simply dont understand the reasoning behind this bizarre thinking. Maybe Im too logical for organized religion(well actually, I know I am.)

PPS: Nor am I some homo-loving, college attending, liberal hippy trying to stir stuff up like Im sure youd like to label me as. Im actually more conservative than liberal on most issues.

janice said...

Sure it does. You asked why I choose to obey some biblical laws and disregard others.

"a greater number of heterosexual people doing things that lead to 'moral decay' than anything homosexuals are doing"

You can't dismiss ones bad behavior by pointing to someone elses bad behavior. And no one is turning a blind eye to anything, I've highlighted this issue only.

You asked why it's a sin and what's the logic behind it. Do you not agree homosexual acts are totally unnatural and can never lead to procreation? Never, not in any culture or at any time in history, has gay "marriage" been accapted.

BTW, gay couples can share benefits, are able to bequeath possessions at the time of death and transfer power of attorney to their partner. We bought this house from two men who shared the mortgage.

And finally, your comment wasn't angry or spiteful. I welcome challenging responses and don't think you're an A-hole. Maybe a bit conceited, but not an ass.

Thanks again, jojomellon. I hope you continue to comment.

Jojo Mellon said...

People who are sterile can't procreate either, should they not marry? One does not have to desire to procreate in order to marry.

janice said...

Fertility and a desire to have children are not required for a man and woman to marry. Do you dispute the fact that men and women are different?

Try again jojo....

One more thing, can you show me where in the animal kingdom homosexuality exists? Among non-humans of course.

Anonymous said...

who cares when you break it down.. who really gives a shit? if a dude likes a dude who cares? who cares?

Malott said...


First of all, I'm sorry for your condition.

If you do not believe that God wrote a book (the Bible), then "who cares" is the appropriate response... to everything.

When Jesus came He changed everything. My favorite example is in the Gospel of John when a woman caught in adultery was brought to Him. The Law about stoning fallen women was struck down that day.

It's not a sin to be a homosexual, or a heterosexual. Homosexual acts are sin, just as the heterosexual act outside of marriage is sin.

Gay marriage is a legal and cultural issue. Sooner or later I believe the Supreme Court will make it legal... But it won't be good for gays or the culture.