Tuesday, October 13, 2009

NY: "muslim panties in a bunch" alert....

Yesterday’s whine-o-gram highlights the plight of New York City muslims after suspected terrorist, Najibullah Zazi, was arrested in Colorado. Community activists gathered on Saturday to accuse the FBI and NYPD of racial profiling.

Several people speaking Saturday afternoon at a news conference cautioned authorities against profiling Muslims in their probe of an alleged bomb plot with links to Al Qaeda.

The suspect, Najibullah Zazi, an Afghan immigrant who worked in Denver and New York City, is being held without bond in New York. The friend, Naiz Khan, (And here’s the money quote) befriended Zazi 10 years ago at a mosque.

What I find amazing is how these RoP faithful refuse to recognize the malignancy in their community. Racial or religious profiling is not the problem; the problem exists in the ummah. Self-policing seems to be non-existent especially when the imam lets the suspect know he’s wanted by the FEDS. So much for that whole inclusion and good neighbor concept.

When CAIR calls the local police or FBI office because a mosque window has been broken or graffiti is sprayed on the outside of the building, then it’s advantageous for increased surveillance. It’s immediately called a hate crime and demands are made to involve the FBI. But keep those Geiger counters and bomb sniffing dogs away from our houses of worship. And don’t you even think of secondary security screening when a nervous, middle-eastern male between the age of 18 and 40 tries to board a plane. That’s racial profiling, just because 19 of their coreligionists murdered 3000 Americans and many more abroad is no reason to single out an entire religion. Certainly not the religion of peace.



Malott said...

Could it be any more obvious where their sympathies lie?

Shamelessly they use our freedom, our culture, and our media to run interference for terrorists.

Makes me sick.

janice said...

Using our freedoms against us is how they plan to destroy America.

It sickens me as well, Chris.

Dinah Lord said...

OMG - I was OOT and didn't see this until just now. These people should be run out of this country on a rail.

Today, Daniel Pipes wrote a review of Muslim Mafia for the Jerusalem Post and in it he advises that the battle for our constitution has just begun.

I agree with him.