Friday, October 30, 2009

CAIR identifies moles...

CAIR’s Nihad Awad penned an op-ed in response to the growing congressional scrutiny when four republican representatives asked the House Sergeant at Arms to investigate the muslim civil rights organization. In typical CAIR fashion the op-ed was an attack piece drawing the readers away from the real issue. Awad recounts an incident involving a CAIR intern and a group of "islam-bashers" on Capitol Hill.

“Are you a believer?” asked the participant in a Capitol Hill gathering of Islamophobes and Muslim-bashers who -- according to conference materials -- were seeking to promote “freedom of speech and religion.”
When CAIR’s intern answered, “Yes, of course,” the conference participant -- whose card indicated he works for “Encountering Islam Christian Ministry” and obviously thinking “believer” meant something other than Muslim -- replied, “Good, because we want to cut their [Muslims’] necks off.”
Just one hour later, the officially-registered intern was asked to leave the conference, which was held in the U.S. Congressional Auditorium, because “some of the panel members do not feel comfortable with you being here.”

Playing the perpetual victim is one way to deviate from the real concern. By garnering sympathy for the fictitious offence CAIR transfers focus to the accusers. In this case it’s the muslim “moles” infiltrating the Capitol Hill intern program. Well as fate would have it, CAIR identified two moles “who purchased tickets for the banquet”. Christine Brim "a hijab-clad representative of an anti-Islam group" and "counterterrorism consultant" John Cosgrove, who are in CAIR’s opinion, “notorious Islamophobes with histories of Muslim-bashing and associations with hate groups.”

By pointing out the bias one RoP intern supposedly experienced and then exposing the anti-islam moles in their midst, CAIR expects to end the congressional investigation in its tracks. The editorial is disconnected and doesn’t tackle the issues plaguing CAIR. Awad throws one insult and accusation after another in an attempt to connect the republican congressmen, the Center for Security Policy, P. David Gaubatz and the Nation Federation of Republican Women to this islamophobia machine.

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Dinah Lord said...

Funny how these Muzzies can dish out terror threats left and right but they can't take them...