Sunday, February 15, 2009

NY businessman beheads wife; CAIR is silent

I read this story over at Stilettos in the Sand. An Orchard Park businessman chops his wife’s head off.

Let me repeat, a New York man cut his wife’s head off…an islamic act of unspeakable violence, a deed reserved for captured coalition soldiers, Jewish reporters and American contractors.

The perpetrator, Muzzammil Hassan, launched Bridges TV in 2004 to counter the violent and barbaric muslim stereotype. According to Chief Andrew Benz, Muzzammil Hassan came to Orchard Park Police Headquarters at 6:20 p. m. Thursday and said that his wife was dead. Aasiya Hassan was found at the Bridges TV office building.

Aasiya Hassan had filed for divorce and was granted a protection order on February 6th, barring Muzzammil Hassan from the home. “There had been problems before — there had been prior incidents of physical abuse,” said Corey Hogan, whose law firm, Hogan Willig, represented Aasiya Hassan in the divorce proceeding.

It’s been 3 days since this story broke; CAIR has yet to come out and condemn the brutal murder of this mother of 2 young children. CAIR is much more concerned over the maltreatment of hajib-clad bank customer and mayor Bloomberg’s uncritical support of Israel. Where’s the outcry and condemnation of Muzzammil Hassan?


SkyePuppy said...

CAIR is silent, and the MSM is treating it like some ordinary domestic violence case. The cover up never ends...

SkyePuppy said...

This reminds me of a stage play my college did when I was a Drama major there. It's The Firebugs by Max Frisch. Here's a review of the play that tells the story:

The company's current production is another neglected work, ''The Firebugs,'' an acrid comic parable about the lily-livered middle class by the Swiss playwright Max Frisch, written in German in 1953 as a radio play and first performed on the stage in 1958. Like ''Andorra,'' Frisch's condemnation of Swiss neutrality during the rise of Nazism, ''The Firebugs'' decries the complacency of comfortable citizens in threatening times.

The Colleagues production stars Laurence Luckinbill as Gottlieb Biedermann, a businessman who, in a city beset by a plague of arson, is so desperate to hold onto his privileges that rather than confront the arsonists, he goes along with their claims of harmlessness even as their true natures become impossible to deny. He invites the arsonists into his home, allows them to store their drums of combustibles in his attic and even, in a wrenching moment of humiliation, supplies their matches.

As a writer, Frisch was neither afraid of blunt symbolism nor entirely reliant on it, and the play has many curious subtleties involving issues of class, community and family. The final scene lapses into surrealism when Biedermann and his wife, Babette (Ruby Holbrook), find they have been consigned to a hell overseen by the firebugs they have worked to befriend.

And though it is clear who is evil here and who is despicably weak, Frisch's play isn't so simple-minded as to ignore the idea that history has its ambiguities. It is far from certain that many of the play's victims -- Babette, for example, a sweet, frightened and clueless woman, and the chorus of firefighters who fail to protect the city -- are getting their dramatic just deserts. Biedermann himself earns not only scorn but an equal measure of sympathy; he's given far more moral latitude than the professor (Michael Lipton), an academic who slavishly supports the Firebugs until doing so is no longer fashionable.

The play's allusion to the absurdly blind eye of the world to the mass killing of Jews by the Third Reich is evident. But its themes of denial and self-justification, of good people closing their eyes to their own complicity with evil, certainly have resonance today as well in both Middle Eastern politics and the scandals in the Roman Catholic Church.

They got that right about the Middle Eastern politics today, and it's coming here now...

Sabra said...

Not only has MSN not reported on it - but the papers here have completely passed it over. Instead we get a full half page photo of camel fighting. Barbarians. And, that is putting it nicely.

Dinah Lord said...

Okay. Am I hallucinating? I swear I thought I stopped by yesterday and didn't see your new format.

It looks great, Miss J! I love it. How does it feel?

I cannot believe that CAIR has been silent about this. Not even their usual lame, half-hearted bleat about how Islam and how is the religion of peace and their wimmenfolk are treated fairly and ethically? (don't make me scoff).

Well, this ticks me right off.

Christina said...

And we are supposed to "tolerate" this?

Sick doesn't begin to describe this.

Dinah Lord said...

Maybe this is why CAIR's lips are sealed????

Buffalo Wife Beheader receives award from CAIR?

janice said...

Skye, the parallels are uncanny. And, yes on our shores.

Sabra, this is getting ZERO coverage in the MSM. Only FNC has reported it.

Dinah, I'm in the middle of doing a Lex/Nex on the award. Google had nothing but a photo. I need to find out what the award was for.

Christina, I'm afraid it's going to be commonplace in this country. How many honor killings have been reported VS the actual murders commited.