Tuesday, February 24, 2009

CAIR invites FBI director to Minneapolis mosque

Guess Who May Be Coming to Dinner?

In the wake of missing jihadis young men from the Somali community in Minneapolis, CAIR invites FBI director Robert Mueller to dinner. No really, the Minnesota chapter of unindicted coconspirators is hosting a community dinner at the Abubakar As-Saddique Islamic Center. The same mosque that the FBI believes indoctrinated these jihadis lost boys.

Now, let’s examine the statement paragraph by paragraph.

From the whine-o-gram;

The invitation to Director Mueller comes in the wake of remarks
he made yesterday claiming a Minnesota Muslim who allegedly carried out a
suicide attack in Somalia had been “indoctrinated and radicalized” while living
in Minneapolis.

This one’s simple, Shirwa Ahmed was the first (known) American from the Somali community in Minnesota to return to Somalia and become a suicide bomber. Ahmed attended Abubakar As-Saddique mosque.

“We invite Director Mueller to attend the dinner and to help
us build channels of communication between the FBI and the Minnesota Somali
community," said CAIR-MN Communications Director Jessica Zikri. “It is through
open and constructive communication that we can best defend our nation’s
security and protect civil liberties.”

This isn’t going to be a pleasant pot-luck for the FBI or any other law enforcement officers in attendance. It’s going to be a dog-and-pony show, “look how civilized and pious we muslims are.” Mueller (which I doubt will be attending this shin-dig) or any agent will be bombarded with accusations of racism and profiling. The channels of communication will be going one-way.

Dinner guests, including commanders of local police
precincts, will have an opportunity to observe an Islamic prayer before enjoying
Middle Eastern and African foods. Speakers' presentations will be followed by a
question-and-answer session.

Education, education, education! We infidels are ignorant and need to learn about the ummah. Yes, a nice lamb kabob and some rice should smooth every out.

CAIR-MN said the mosque has received an increasing number of
hate calls and e-mails since several Somali youth left the Twin Cities area,
sparking rumors they were going to Somalia to join warring militias. The open
house and dinner are sponsored by the Abubakar As-Saddique Islamic Center,
CAIR-MN and the Building Blocks of Islam.

Always the victim, no one dons the mantel of victimhood like CAIR. I hope they’re keeping track so those numbers can be used in their annual civil rights and hate crime report.

Question, how did hate calls and hate e-mails spark rumors that these “yutes” ran away to join the circus “warring militias” in Somalia? Whoever started the rumor should be questioned; it’s obvious they know what happened to these missing “yutes”.


Malott said...

Did the whine-o-gram list the mosque's email address so that I could express to them my sincere and heart-felt regards?

CAIR exhibits such an air of superiority... Which I can see no basis for.

It's such a burden having to deal with us infidels.

Great post

janice said...

I linked to the islamic centers website and the email address is


Or you can use the contact form on their "contact us" page.

I'd be interested to hear if you receive a response.

Good luck

Sabra said...

Ahh, yes, Janice. You are so right. A "halal" slaughtered lamb kabob and some rice will erase all tensions and show just how peaceful everything is.

Read the response to a commenter on another one of your posts that you don't use capital "m's" and "i's" for two specific words. I don't either, Janice. That would be giving those two words far too much respect.

And I don't believe for a single skinny second that this mosque doesn't know what has happened to all of these boys!

janice said...

Absolutely Sabra, the imam and mosque elders know exactly where and why the lost boys suddenly disappeared.

As far as respect for islam, I have none. I believe it to be a cult, a death cult actually.

Thanks for stopping by