Thursday, February 19, 2009

CAIR Good News!

The whine-o-gram title that greeted me this morning announcing Action Alert #568. It seems the unindicted co-conspirator stepped in to defend the rights of muslim students to wear kaffiyehs, thus furthering the intimidation of Jewish students.

"Students will be permitted to wear the
said Cara Ann Zanella, communications director for Gateway
High School.

The Monroeville school said the scarves would be allowed
after a meeting Wednesday involving students, one of the Muslim students'
mothers, the Council on American-Islamic Relations and the American Civil
Liberties Union.

According to CAIR, the school principal said his
initial ban on the scarves was an attempt to "diffuse tension" between Jewish
and Muslim students.

Tension? What’s this about tension, you ask? Well, it seems these same muslim students wore “RIP Israel” t-shirts to school during the resent palestinian ass-kickin’ conflict.

A school district spokeswoman said three students recently wore T-shirts saying
"RIP Israel" and 35 Jewish students responded with a petition saying they felt
threatened. She said Al-Abbasi, Al-Sadr and the Jewish students will sit with
counselors and discuss their cultural differences

And we all know how well those Israeli/palestinian sit-downs turn out; I mean they’ve been “sitting down” for at least 50 years now. Maybe these counselors are much smarter than the previous peace negotiators. Who am I to say that these suburban school counselors couldn’t hold the key to middle-east peace? They are, in fact, armed with the CAIR published booklet “An Educator’s Guide to Islamic Religious Practices,” designed to help school administrators understand Muslim beliefs and to promote a positive learning environment.
I still have one question; will the ACLU or ADL stand with the Jewish students regarding the “Rest In Peace, Israel” t-shirt issue? I think we all know the answer….


Jacob said...

Haha, you changed the subtitle.

(The m in 'muslim' should be capitalised though.)

janice said...

Now Jacob, you know I've NEVER capitalized muslim or islam. Go back and check.

Thanks for stopping by...

Jacob said...

Yeah, and I'm wondering why. I've noticed also that you guys (the Malott Squad, as I have affectionately termed you) seem to belong to a weird class of English speakers, where words that need to be capitalised aren't and words that don't are. Like "Left" and "Conservative". I know it makes it scary and important to capitalise things (Gay Marriage poses a much greater threat than boring old gay marriage) but it's not technically correct.

Pronouns should be capitalised. Christian is a pronoun, therefore I write it with a capital C. Same with Hebrew, Jewish, Hindu, Scientologist, Exclusive Brethren and the Kathy Griffin Fan Club.

That's not the lefty PC Nazi speaking, that's the pedantic English enthusiast speaking.

janice said...

I've always said (and comment as such on your old blog) that you're an intelligent young man, Jacob.

If you looked at my musings you'll see I don't capitalize "left" or "conservative" and try to use proper English writing, with the exception of muslim, islam, imam and prophet mohammad, not because I'm ignorant. It's purely of disrespect for the cult.

And it's nice to read your writing again. I missed you, really....

janice said...

One more thing, are you sure Christian and the other examples you gave are pronouns or proper nouns? Asking because I really don't know.

Jacob said...

Whoops, my bad. You're right. A proper noun is one that needs capitalisation. Like names and places and so forth. A pronoun is 'he' and 'she' and 'they' and the like.

For some reason I thought pronoun was an abbreviation of proper noun.

Anyway, fair enough on the Islamic point. But, I mean, there are more grown up ways to express disrespect for the cult.