Sunday, February 08, 2009

Collective punishment, UN style

On Thursday hamas thugs robbed, at gunpoint, a UN convoy. Now the UN has suspended relief to Gaza. The UN is penalizing the whole for the actions of a few. The few who were democratically elected to lead the whole. Where’s the outcry of collective punishment? Or is that outcry only reserved for Israel?

The UN agency expressed it’s “disappointment” with the group’s actions. Wow, the UN sure was harsh in their condemnation of hamas; they’re disappointed with the actions of a terrorist group. Because the trucks have that powder blue insignia on the side do they believe they’re immune, will it keep them safe?

Last week president Obama released 21.3 million dollars in emergency funds to the UN agency. UNRWA was set up 60 years ago to take care of the permanent palestinian refugees created when the state of Israel was born. For 60 years and a new generation, the UN has adopted those who choose to live on the global welfare system. Their host countries believe, someday, Israel will cease to exist and those confined to fenced camps will return to their homes. It’s been 60 years, and Israel made the desert bloom while hated and revenge fester in these camps.

CAIR was among those thanking the administration and 63 members of congress for addressing the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

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Malott said...


Like you, I've watched this never-ending war for years. It is almost unkind to show the Palestinians any mercy, because it only facilitates more suffering.

War is hell, and when you try to clean it up, you just make it last longer.