Friday, February 20, 2009

CAIR steps in to help Twin City Somalis

Have you heard about the Lost Boys of Minneapolis?

Well, fellow blogger Dinah Lord has been all over this story, here, here, here, here and here. Just to link a few.

It all started this past October when a Somali American ran-away-to-join-the-circus-jihad and blew himself up in
“one of 5 near-simultaneous suicide car bombings that killed more than 20
people in Somaliland and neighboring Puntland.”
It’s been reported that up to a dozen Americans from the Minneapolis Somali community have completely disappeared. In an effort to solve the mystery and find these “lost boys”, the FBI has been questioning, gasp, members of the Somali community in Minneapolis.

Enter CAIR
Ever since news broke a few months ago on the disappearances of young
Somali men from the Twin Cities, local Somali residents say federal
investigators have been randomly stopping people to ask them questions at malls,
college campuses, and the airport. One civil-rights group representing Muslims
in the U.S. has compared the questioning to a fishing expedition.

The Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations has
heard directly from 50 to 100 individuals who say they've been stopped by
federal agents in recent months. The council has begun increasing the number of
"Know Your Rights" presentations in the

Lori Saroya, who chairs the state chapter, said religious profiling is
something that all Muslims have faced since 9/11, but some Somalis are just now
beginning to encounter it. Saroya said the FBI's approach has intimidated some
Somalis who have traditionally feared government because of the oppression they
knew in their old country.

"We had one man who was walking on the street, and the FBI agent
invited him into his car," Saroya said. "There was one agent sitting in the
front seat and another agent in the back seat. According to him, he was
bombarded with questions. He just answered "no" to everything. He was just so

Okay, I'm a little confused here. Is CAIR aiding these young jihadist or serving the families and community? Do they NOT want these "yutes" found or just not found in Somalia?


Malott said...

"...or just not found in Somalia?"

I figure it's just a case of "any excuse to play the victim" and complain about this terrible country.

If the disappearance of the boys was being ignored, they'd be complaining about that.

janice said...

It's lose lose for America and a win win for CAIR....just the way they like it.

Tsofah said...

After the bombing in Cairo this morning - hey, investigate away! If these guys were white, or yellow, or whatever - the police and FBI would investigate based on the number of missing people alone.

I mean, what if there was someone stealing these young men and torturing them? Wouldn't you want to know what happened to them?

If someone just told the authorities where these guys are, then everyone would be happy to know all is well.

If all is not well, then they need to tell that too.


janice said...

Well said Tsofah, well said...