Friday, June 15, 2007

Good Bye Snickers!

What you see pictured here is my living room sofa, or what it looks like now. Needless to say, the new puppy is going to her new home (at the Franklin county animal shelter) after Nick arrives from work.

I was gone for 50 minutes and returned to find my sofa had become a dog toy. I blame myself for not restraining her before I left, but I did give her 2 xanex about 2 hours before I left and she seemed very calm. (I gave it to her so Hershey could get some rest from her) I have left her in the house before for 15-20 minutes and have never returned to find my house like this. I don't want to live hostage to a dog that can't be trusted in the house when we're gone for a few hours. Not only did she eat my couch, one of my lamps no longer has a power cord since she also found copper wire and rubber to be a tasty treat.

I have a fine, well adjusted dog in Hershey. I feel like an ugly person now for having / wanting to get rid of her. But it wasn't working out well anyway. Hershey was on constant guard of being attacked by Snickers (day and night) and his toys are all in the "hospital" waiting for me to sew them.

She was too old for us, at this point, to train her the way we did Hershey. I don't want to have to hit this dog all the time for being bad or for being a puppy.

With that face she'll capture someones heart and will be adopted quickly. I just wished I had the $250 we spent at the vet Saturday to call an upholster to fix my sofa.


SkyePuppy said...


You're not a terrible person for helping Snickers find a new home.

Granted, Zeus the puppy wasn't officially mine, but I was glad when my hairdresser took him off my hands. A puppy is more energy (and chewing) than I could handle.

When I went for my pre-trip haircut, she said Zeus only stayed with her for 3 days, before she gave him to her gardener. Her other dogs only tolerated Zeus. They didn't really get along. And the gardener was overjoyed to have him. He has grandkids who love Zeus, who is now an only dog. So it all worked out well for everyone.

It's all a matter of finding a good fit for a puppy. Eventually Snickers will be where she belongs, and you'll still have all your hair and your sofa too.

janice said...

Thank you Skye, I still feel bad though.

Last night I told Nick about Zeus and how he found a great new home with the gardener. I also remember you telling us about how Abby was not a fighter. Our Hershey isn't either, he's a happy and loving dog. Snickers was making him afraid in his own home.

Nick told the shelter she needs to be in a home without any other dogs. I'm sure she'll be adopted very soon and fit in with another family.