Friday, June 22, 2007

Busy weekend ahead!

I've added the color sheets, after reading the post I realized you really couldn't visualize the colors.

This past week I've been forced to go through and unpack the boxes in my basement. Our development is having a garage sale this weekend. Nick unpacked shed boxes and donated many items that will soon fill my garage with junk that will soon be someones treasure. If we stay in our own yard and don't wander the neighborhood, we'll remain junk free and make a few bucks. I'm hoping it's hot because I purchased 2 cases of bottled water at an average price of 16 cents a piece, if I can sell them for 50 cents I'm make $24.00 on a $7.60 investment.

Our plan for tonight is to move the cars to the driveway and set up the garage after Nick comes home. We have to set up tables and make-shift stands for our junk and hang a few metal rods to hang the clothes and coats on. We also have to cover up the stuff in the garage we're keeping so it doesn't accidentally get sold. This way we'll be able to sleep in a little. The sale goes from 8am to 4pm both days. In the morning we'll move the Jeep and my car to the street and leave Nick's "baby" in the driveway. I've got tons of clothes and coats, slacks and dresses and nic-nacks galore. No furniture, had I known I would have brought the dresser, TV stand and various shelving units I left in our Cleveland house.

I never thought we had this much stuff that I'd be willing to part with, for a price of course. I emptied 3 or 4 boxes from the basement and half of my closet is now clean and I can actually take a few steps inside. It's so sad how quickly the walk-in closet I thought I'd never be able to fill when we looked at this house has now become over-run with, well, junk.

The proceeds will hopefully go towards the upholstery bill for my sofa. I haven't made any calls yet because I have so many irons in the fire now, and quite honestly, lack of funds. I'm not sure how much it's going to cost, but I want to save a bit more money before I start the project and jump at the cheapest price and have my sofa look like it was the fixed by cheapest vendor.

We also have to paint the master bedroom and all 3 bathrooms. We bought the paint last weekend and are just waiting for a dry, humid free weekend to start that project. Greenwich (a shade of green) and Butterscotch Candy (a dark shade of khaki) for the master bedroom and Wind Blown (blue) for the bathrooms. 3 gallons in all. We'll have to get a 5 gallon bucket of white for the all ceilings. Once that's complete we'll hire someone to paint the living room wall. Nick won't trust me after the fan incident and we only have a 10 foot ladder.

Nick is going to be busy at work in July, so it looks like the begining of August for the painting to start. I'm thinking I could paint the half bath by myself and have it completed in a few hours. But, if I'm going to have the can open you might as well keep going until it's gone or you're spent. We'll see. I'll have before and after pictures posted for all to enjoy once we get started.

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