Saturday, June 09, 2007


I was in my office yesterday when I heard, what I believed to be, the dogs wrestling on the deck outside. When Hershey barked (only once which means "let me in") I got up and let both dogs in the house. Totally forgetting about the sound I heard earlier, I went on about my daily domestic duties. A few hours later Nick and I took the dogs out so they could release the afternoon energy before we settled in to eat dinner and watch a rerun of "Man vs. Wild" (I love that show, even the reruns). It's our new Friday night routine. You can't really call it a tradition yet, can you?
Anyway, when we came around the deck to go back in the house Nick found an orange paintball on our patio walkway. Right away I'm thinking it's one of our neighbors shooting at my dogs. (I've been in a real defensive mood lately and can't seem to see the glass half full). So, like a CSI detective I turn and figure out where it came from in relation to the splatter on the patio bricks and flowers. Nick then discovered the paint on our house about eight feet up the siding. It had been shot from southwest direction where (we think) lives a skinhead. We believe this because he's bald and has a lot of tattoos. (It's a bit boring here and we tend to let our minds wander while we walk around the "hood". It's sort of like playing The Sims, only we assign personalities to folks we see based on their looks and how their property is kept up, or not)
Anyway, a few months ago I found our development website. One of the "families" who linked to the site claimed to own a paintball park, he also has two (rouge) stepsons ages 13 & 14, at the time he last posted. Using my CSI skills I go in the house and log on to retrieve their address. As it turns out they live on my street and not behind us. I took a picture of the siding just in case this turns out NOT to be an isolated incident.

It's not a good time for someone to be playing games with me, I'm not in the mood.


Jacob said...

Maybe it was a Muslim.

janice said...

Nope, no muslims in my development. Checked one day, being unemployed and all, I had the time to go house by house via the county auditor website.

A lot of Italian and German surnames living here. Then again, they could be convert/reverts and never changed their name to reflect islam.

Good thinking Jacob, I'd better get to "know" my neighbors!

Jacob said...

Italians and Germans!

Janice, you're surrounded by Black Shirts and Nazis!!

janice said...

Jacob, I married a black shirt!

But I feel like we're back on "Goomba" Lane visiting with his "family" for Sunday basta, yes I said/wrote basta. It's the way la familia has pronounced it for centuries. And don't ever call them noodles.
I felt like the "southerner/hillbilly at the fancy table asking to pass the jelly" in the Polaner Fruit commercial.
Yeah me!

janice said...

As far a the Nazis go, I am a German Jew. So I can hold my own, so long as my SoD is hidden.

Jacob said...

Basta. Isn't that the Italian word for 'enough!'?