Monday, June 25, 2007

It's good to have a friend in the "business"

First off, our garage sale went well. The weather wasn't as nice as the forecasters had predicted but your normal, run-of-the-mill garage sale goers were out despite the cloudy overcast skies. We made about $50.00 and most of our junk is gone. Not bad but not enough to repair the sofa.

Over the weekend I developed an abscessed tooth. This the 3rd time the same tooth has become infected since our move to the Columbus area. I know what you're all thinking. But I am absolutely terrified of the dentist. My teeth are in good shape, with a few more cavities than most and the repairs as of late have been to replace fillings and one root canal. I still hate going and can fill my heart rate increase as the days turn into hours before my appointment. I'm not kidding, I really do work myself into a nervous wreck.

When Nick accepted the the position here in Lockbourne, I called my dentist to consult him on dental plans since I fully intend to continue to employ his services. I've only had 3 dentists in my life. My current provider is a childhood friend. Doctor "Elmer" and I met in kindergarten, my last name beginning with "M" and his beginning with "N" he was always seated in front or behind me, depending on how the teacher arranged the class. We went to prom (with different dates) the senior class trip to Hawaii and graduated together and have been friends ever since. Elm is one of those "good" guys, a what my mother calls a "change of life" baby. Never got in trouble and studied hard and became a productive member of society. His parents were blessed with Elmer when they were in their late 40's and early 50's. The "N's" had 3 daughters (in their 20's) before Elmer was born, the eldest being the same age (24 years older than Elm) as my mom. They both passed away 2 years ago, first his dad and mom went a few months later. They were really great people and a little over protective of their only son, (though my mom believes his sister "G" is his real mother, coming from a time in our culture when being an unwed mother was shameful).
He just moved back to the "hood", with eldest sister G, a few streets over from my parents, in the house he grew up in. At first they were going to sell it and have G move into Elmer's condo. More room and a better neighborhood which is closer to his dental office where G fills in as receptionist when his other sister E is unable.

Anyway, I'm going off topic. My left cheek was starting to swell and the same tooth was loose again. I needed to get an Rx of antibiotics before he could do anything with the tooth so I emailed Doctor Elmer and asked him to call me when he had a minute. His office is closed on Friday because he teaches at Youngstown State, so I knew he wouldn't get back to me until Sunday. It was nice to hear from him, not only on a professional level but personal as well. After he diagnosed me over the phone, got the phone number to the Walgreen's I use and asked if I need anything for pain to which I declined. He said he'd put my Rx (with 1 refill) in the database so I could pick it up in the morning and begin to kill the infection in my tooth.

He asked how the move went and if I enjoyed the area. Elmer attended OSU (in addition to Toledo U, Youngstown & Kent State and Columbia University) for a while and knew the area well. He told me his woes of readying his condo for sale and the balancing act between moving, painting, teaching and work. "G" was happy she didn't have to pack up and move, she even got Elmer a chocolate lab puppy as a homecoming gift. I said I'd be in Cleveland on the 11th of July so he'd check his calendar and fit me in while I was in town and remedy this nuisance once and for all. After we hung up I could feel my heart race in anticipation of the appointment. I may have to ask him to call in an Rx for xanex so I don't suffer a heart attack before then.

I just got an email from Walgreen's telling me my Rx is ready to be picked up. That's what I call service. Yes, it's so nice to have a friend in the business!

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