Friday, June 29, 2007

London car bomb

This morning I got up out of bed around 4am. Like the morning before, my back was killing me and I decided to take a pain pill and watch some TV until it kicked in. I tuned in FOX news and the story was just breaking, a car packed with nails and "patio gas" (what we would call propane tanks) had crashed into some garbage bins in front of a nightclub in London's Haymarket area near Piccadilly Circus. The driver fled on foot leaving the car. An ambulance crew noticed what they believed was smoke inside the car and called the authorities. The car bomb was defused and a few hours later was loaded on a car hauler and taken away.

This incident comes after the jury went out in the trial of six men accused of taking part in a plot to carry out a series of suicide bombings on London's transport system on July 21, 2005. Maybe this little incident was a "welcome note" to Gordon Brown who started his second full day on the job today. Letting the change at the top of government know they still live under threat of terrorism. We are one week away from the 2nd anniversary of the London 7/7 bombings and we know how islamist love dates and anniversaries.
Coincidence? I think not. Nightclubs and bars are considered by islam to be symbols of western decadence and "ladies night" would have been a perfect scenario for the death cult. But I may be rushing to judgement here blaming the religion of peace for a car bomb with islamic, homicide hallmarks. In August 2001 a fertilizer car bomb exploded in London's west end, was the work of the Real IRA or Irish dissidents as described by the BBC. Perhaps Scotland Yard should take another look.

As I write this FOX via Sky news is breaking a story that authorities have closed Park Lane to investigate a suspicious vehicle in Hyde Park.

Do you think America will ever wake up to hear news such as this in New York, Washington, Chicago or Los Angeles?


SkyePuppy said...


Yes, I think we will eventually wake up to news like this in the US. Our borders are so open, you can drive a car (bomb) through them.

janice said...

I'm afraid you're correct Skye.

And, if CAIR continues to sue vigilant citizens for reporting suspicious activity, we'll see it sooner than later. This was pure luck and an aware public that thwarted this plot.

Anonymous said...

When you wake up, don't you think that all this death and destruction is largely because of foreign US police, which is now obvious failing after so many year in Iraq?

It's because of the US and UK involvement to control oil and secure the state of Israel that the world (and especially the middle east) is in so much destruction. Where ever the Americans are involved there is destruction, this is not an assumption but a fact.

janice said...

I've been looking at infidelkafirwatch's blog, and I hope MI5 is watching him as well.

I encourage you all to go take a peek, but,


He deletes the comments he doesen't agree with.

Just like a muslim, he'll just get rid of anything he deems offensive.
I posted that comment earlier today and you should all see how he twisted it around.

When you call him on it or ask why your comment disappeared, he twists your words, adding and deleting phases to your post. It's amazing, I've never had that happen to me.

Just letting you all know.