Monday, April 30, 2007

"Respect Camp"

Do your neighbors drive you nuts? They don't keep up their property, let their children run wild or those all day BBQ's where alcohol is served and you weren't invited? Do you feel like you're being "dis-ed" by the family next door? If they're not breaking the law and you just can't talk to them, what's a good citizen to do? Don't throw your hands up in defeat, you've been empowered and the government is there to help.

All you have to do is call the "The Respect Task Force." Yes the respect task force is there to help you, to help them, and to "reintroduce" your anti-social compatriot and his kin to the ways of public reverence. It's rehab for the anti-social.

I bet you're thinking this is happening in the Saudi kingdom or Iran. It's not, it's taking place in the UK. A quick peruse of the website gives you tips on how to spot those who just aren't up to snuff and how to "fix" them. There's a nifty little handbook to help you identify the disrespectful and how to go about turning them in assisting to foster a respectful member of society. Yes, you too can be a snitch facilitate respectful behavior on your street, block and development. Just send those undesirables off to "respect camp" so they can be taught the rules of a civil community.

I really thought this was a joke when I heard it this morning. Once I discovered the website and found out it was true, I wondered how close are we to 1939?


Jacob said...

I heard a story of a fundie Church in Ohio refusing to turn down their sound speakers after residents complained that the noise was disturbing. How rude!

janice said...

I heard about the story you referenced, Jacob. I believe the decibel level was over the required law limit.

In Michigan, just outside of Dearborn, a mosque broadcast the call to prayer 5 times a day throughout the city. The minority complained to police and the city and this too was just under the decibel limit.

All I can say to those who object, on both sides, is move.

Bakin Rapscallion said...

Fences make great neighbors. Well,in all actuality, as far as neighbors go, I'm lucky--I have pleasant and rational neighbors. They'd probably attend "respect camp" voluntarily.

LA Nickers said...

Certainly, respect has become a lost art. Still, this is really something.

Here's a peek inside MY neighborhood. You won't believe this.