Sunday, April 22, 2007

The week that was my life!

This is the new dinning room curtain rod I installed. The picture doesn't do my handy work any justice. It compliments the ceiling fan and dinning set. And it's level, yeah!


This is my corner curio cabinet. Lots of glass and mirrors. Monday I'll place my Seraphim Angel collection inside this beautiful piece of furniture. The guest/Christopher's bed and the chest of drawers. We purchased an armoire (on the other side of the room) instead of a dresser with a mirror. The Cat in the Hat will be replaced by some proper pillows once I find shams that will compliment the curtains.


Here's my new evening wear. I think it speaks for itself.

Thursday, again
Here we have the master bathroom curtain I re-made. Again, the picture doesn't do my handy work justice. The seems and hem work I did is barely noticeable. And yes I love lighthouses, mainly the Cape Hatteras lighthouse.

The new living room rod and drapes. The pattern almost matches the furniture. I think they look really nice and compliments the whole room.

I'm being over dramatic here, but it was busy with emotional highs and lows. We bought furniture for one of the spare bedrooms a few weeks ago. We were informed the store was one of "Columbus' finest." The sales people didn't act like piranhas once you walked in the door and were very knowledgeable about the products. When all was said and done we dropped $4500.00 at "Kittles" in spite of the attempt to convince us to buy a way over priced mattress and box springs. Once we knew our delivery date we then purchased an "inexpensive" mattress set at one of those mattress places, and they could deliver the same day as the bedroom set.

At 9:30am, Kittles arrived on time, so to speak. We've all heard it, "we'll be there anywhere between 8 and 12." (I was very grateful the mattress wasn't here yet) While the deliverymen were in the house I put Hershey in the downstairs bathroom with a bone, to which he ignored and barked anyway. After they left I let him out and he ran around trying to sniff out who'd been in his house.

A few days ago I sent some documents to the Bank of NY letting them know I moved and I needed my address changed. On Monday they mailed them (to my new address) back to me telling me I needed to have them notarized. Around 11am I thought I would call and straighten this out. As I'm walking and talking to this "customer service" rep, the door bell rang. I asked the rep to "please hold" and I muted the phone. I grabbed my barking dog and stuffed him out on the patio with his bone. As I walked through the kitchen to the living room I notice a pile of previously eaten dog food mixed with the Chew Ezzz I gave him earlier. Great, I thought, this is all I need right now. As I entered the living room, heading for the door, I noticed another pile. With a barking dog, a door bell ringing, piles of dog puke and an uncooperative customer service rep on hold, I attended to the mattress men before they decided to leave me mattress-less. I opened the door and without salutation I simply pointed and said "up the stairs and to the left." Un-muting the phone I continued the conversation with BoNY and preceded to clean the mess my beloved Hershey left for me. As I'm on my hands and knees (cleaning the mess), pleading with this woman to simply go into the system and change my address I looked up to see a burly gentleman holding a receipt and a pen. Without breaking my "beseeching" stride, I stood up, took the items, signed it and handed it back to him. Having pity on me he mouthed "thank you" and let himself out. As I continued to clean, my appeal to change my address fell on deaf ears so I conceded defeat and hung up. That was my Tuesday.

The alarm went off a little earlier than normal Wednesday. I had to shower, check my email, scan my favorite blogs, get dressed and head north to Cleveland. I was scheduled for a nerve test at 11:40 and I didn't want to be on the road during much of the 270 north rush hour traffic.
A few months back when Christina showed off her new evening wear, I too was having numbness in my hand and pain in my right arm. I figured I had another herniated disc, a pinched nerve or carpal tunnel.
I made excellent time despite leaving later than I wanted, arriving at my moms house at 9:45am (1 hour and 50 minutes). Driving a Camaro and traveling with the "herd" going about 78 MPH helped me shave 20 minutes from my excursion.

I've had nerve tests before on my back. They're not painful, the only real discomfort comes from the BIG needle that's inserted in the spine. Besides the spine, the rest of the test is like having acupuncture on your leg and foot. Dr. "Sami" performed the test on both arms, even though I complained of pain on the right side. The results really surprised me. At one point during the test he asked when the carpal tunnel surgery for my left wrist was performed. I told him I never had surgery on either of my hands. Needless to say, he was shocked and announced that both wrists have carpal tunnel with the left needing it yesterday. I know that sounds like bad news, but it's really not. For an entire month I agonized over the prospect of another surgery on my spine. So having my wrist operated on, to me, is no big deal. Dr. Sami referred a couple of specialist to perform the operation and instructed me to wear those "alluring" braces on my arms as well. I am blessed. That was my Wednesday.

Thursday passed absent the drama I experience earlier in the week. I had to make up the new bed and have Nick arrange the dressers and curio cabinet to my liking. The smell of oranges filled the house from the Orange Glo I used to clean the various new furnishings. I also mounted a new curtain rod in my dinning room and hung a new shower curtain in the spare bathroom. On Monday I bought a fabric shower curtain for the master bath, not for our walk-in shower, for the window itself. My plan was to cut it in half, use "Stitch Witchery" (if you need to hem a pair of slacks this stuff is awesome and easy to use) on the cut ends so the fabric won't unravel. I also used it on the top so I could thread it through the curtain rod. I must admit, after all the polishing, twisting of screws and ironing, my wrists were throbbing. That was my Thursday.

Christopher's Godfather and my friend of 26 years, Eddy, was coming to visit and try out the new bed and shower curtain. He arrived around 8:30 and we planned to just hang out for the evening and maybe watch a movie. After the pizza and everyone had their "nammies" (or PJ's) on we settled down to watch a movie. Eddy always has the most horrifyingly scary movies I've ever seen. But, like the last few times we've tried to view a flick, the DVD player refused to cooperate. So we tried to purchase a "movie on demand" through Time Warner Cable. When we finally agreed on a film and pressed the "buy" button on the remote the TV screen told us "this option is unavailable" and to call customer service. Thirty minutes later with no progress with the customer service rep, we decided to watch something on the discovery channel. Around 1:30 we went to bed, knowing we had furniture to move in the morning. The carpet cleaners were going to be there "between 8 and 12." That was my Friday.

The guys let me sleep until 8:30. The carpet cleaners called to say they may be a little late. One of the "technicians" called off and the team consisted of one guy. Eddy planned to leave at 2:00, so any furniture that we moved could only be small enough so Nick could put it back by himself. As it was, the "technician" arrived at noon. While Nick instructed the tech, Eddy and I went to Walmart to make a long over due DVD player purchase. Upon our return the job was finished and the tech was gone. With windows open, fans blowing and Hershey whining to get in the house, Nick had already moved a few items back in their place. The balance of the furniture could be moved later when it was completely dry since most of our furniture is wood. After Eddy left, Nick installed the curtain rod for the new living room drapes and I started moving small pieces of furniture out of the kitchen. After the rod was in place we put the drapes up. With that task complete, we could finish moving the rest of the furnishings. A hot shower, left over pizza and the first Saturday night (NASCAR) race of the NASCAR season brought our day to a quiet and uneventful end. That was my Saturday.


SkyePuppy said...

What a week!

I see you're following Christina's fashion trends, though I would think black evening wear is a bit more alluring than taupe...

janice said...

I have to agree, Skye, but they were all out of black. It must be very popular.

Christina said...

Why Janice, those look kinda familiar....

While I'm sorry that you're struggling with pain from Carpal Tunnel, I'm glad that you're getting some answers. Answers are half the battle...

The house is looking nice too. You've been a busy little beaver. I can somewhat relate as we switched two matresses last night and are going to pick one up this evening for Emily's new bed. It's also nice to know that I'm not the only one who isn't much of a sew-er. I have some of that "stich witchery" stuff too, but I haven't used it yet. Good to hear that it really works.

Hang in there. You'll be all settled in soon.