Thursday, April 12, 2007

Opinion editorial missing important facts

The destruction of Joseph's Tomb At Shechem (Nablus) by the PLO. Is this gross insensitivity?

Yesterday's whine-o-gram included a link to a San Francisco Chronicle oped written by CAIR chairman, Omar Ahmad. The editorial accuses Israel of gross insensitivity. The Simon Wiesenthal Center is building a Museum of Tolerance in the center of West Jerusalem. Ahmad and the muslim community are outraged, whining to all who will listen, claiming the site lies over what was once the ancient and sacred muslim Mamilla Cemetery. Ahmad writes "the museum site encompasses a Muslim cemetery seized by Israel in 1948 and long-since paved over. What does a shrine to tolerance mean when it is constructed -- literally -- over the dead bodies of a Palestinian population that was expelled from its homeland". I won't get into the history regarding the arab expulsion after the creation of the state of Israel or his claim the land was seized. Ahmad is speaking to group of uninformed citizens trying to gain sympathy for this cause. (Michael Medved explains the entire history of Israels creation and the truth about the expulsion of arabs from the newly created state. You can get them here. ) Omar Ahmad recounts his family's tale of expulsion to a refugee camp in Jordan (after the creation of Israel) where he was born. At this point I always ask why the host country never accepted these refugees. Perhaps to perpetuate palestinian victim-hood on the world stage? I'm getting of topic. Ahmad continues to explain that Israeli archaeological excavations threaten the foundation of the compound that houses the Al-Aqsa mosque. Reminding us that Jewish "terrorist" have planted bombs, fired on muslim worshipers and set the mosque on fire all in an effort to rid the Israeli landscape of the dome of the rock.

The fact that the mosque was built on the spot where Abraham prepared to sacrifice his son Isaac. Later still, upon the same platform, Solomon erected his temple. But don't let the facts get in the way of muslim propaganda. Because the land was once occupied by muslims, islamic edicts declare a return to islam.

Ahmad also fails to inform you that in the early 1920s the grand mufti of Jerusalem issued a fatwa declaring that the Mamilla Cemetery was no longer sacred ground, and was therefore available for building. The islamic ruling means the cemetery had been officially abandoned and was therefore no longer sacred. In 1929 arabs removed graves and built the Palace Hotel atop the cemetery's southern part. There were also plans for an islamic university on the site but were scraped due to lack of funding.

The history of Arab desecration of Jewish and Christian holy sites in the Middle East is long and grotesque. In 1948, after the State of Israel was re-established, the Jordanian army pillaged the 2,500 year old Jewish cemetery on the Mount of Olives. The uprooting of 38,000 gravestones by the Jordanians to build houses, roads and latrines.

This editorial serves only to advance the appearance of Israeli malevolence to an uninformed populace. Obscuring their own destructive acts and advocating the palestinian suffering for global sympathy.


Malott said...


You seem to know some Israeli history.

Do you happen to know how reliable, factual, and credible James Michener's "The Source" is?

janice said...

Chris, I skimmed through it on several occasions at bookstores over many years. It would always find me, which I took as a hint to make a purchase. I never did.

I've read reveiws on the book and found them all to be glowing.

Then I asked my Mother (who's Jewish) what she thought. She told me to read it for myself and find out. When I asked her for the $25.00 she gladly told me not to waste my time.

If you're a secular Jew wanting a reason to bash the religion of your birth, it's a great read. As far as the geological sites it's very true to form. The thing that really made her angry was the "blue eyes" connecting them through time. You, being in the medical field should know it's genetically recessive. Thus, not true.

The history of the creation of Israel is from the Zionist (not a Jewish) point of view.

Does that help?